TriFold Brochure

A curious young mind cannot be locked down and today’s school children face a life of dizzying change. As workplace opportunities evolve, many students from resource-poor communities would otherwise not have access to a full technology-rich education. To make sure they are prepared, ORT is constantly working to update and improve the educational experience and develop teacher skills throughout the network.

Part of the campaign, Face the Future, this brochure highlights the ORT global educational programs.

ORT America TriFold Brochure, Face the Future

Since 1880, ORT is the only global Jewish educational network that provides students with a premier education that prepares them for advancement and life-long success. For more than 140 years, ORT has offered access to educational programs in under-resourced communities; today, ORT also serves as a foundational Jewish institution in diaspora Jewish communities around the world.

ORT America is a non-profit organization consisting of thousands of people throughout the United States who share a common, binding interest in supporting ORT, Israel and the Jewish people. Based in New York City, ORT America has a presence in 8 regions across the country.