Direct Mail Insert

ORT’s impact is evident in its programs and schools that enable students to attain successful careers, become community leaders, and live independent and meaningful lives. We have a presence in over 40 countries around the world.

This insert was part of a “Back to School” direct mail campaign.

Since 1880, ORT is the only global Jewish educational network that provides students with a premier education that prepares them for advancement and life-long success. For more than 140 years, ORT has offered access to educational programs in under-resourced communities; today, ORT also serves as a foundational Jewish institution in diaspora Jewish communities around the world.

ORT America is a non-profit organization consisting of thousands of people throughout the United States who share a common, binding interest in supporting ORT, Israel and the Jewish people. Based in New York City, ORT America has a presence in 8 regions across the country.